The Light of the Rain

This is a story I wrote that I found in my school english journal from the fourth grade. I’ve kept in all the original writing. Enjoy.

Our journey begins with a man named Capa. Capa is the one person who can “talk” to “the light of the rain,” which just so happens to be a rainstick. Capa is a very loyal and trustworthy man. Now, there’s usually someone bad and that person is Taki. He has repeatedly over and over again, tried to steal “the light.” He is a very bad man.

It all started in Lesotho, around 1569. Capa was “talking” to “the light” and he told Capa that something terrible was going to happen. As soon as they were done talking, Capa ran back to the village to tell the people what we had been told. The whole village was scared that they would die, but Capa told them everything was going to be fine.

"What about what ‘the light’ said," a man shouted.

"He probably just made a mistake. That’s all," replied Capa. The people weren’t sure about everything that was going on, but they soon went back to what they were doing.

The next day, everything was normal but it didn’t rain. It usually rained every other week and every day of that week it was supposed to rain. It was the beginning of the week and it didn’t rain.

The whole village was in shock. They didn’t know what to do. Even Capa was worried. He didn’t know why this was happening.

"Everyone settle down! I’m going to check to see if the "the light" is okay! So stay calm!" yelled Capa.

When Capa got to where “the light” usually is, it wasn’t there. Capa was very scared of what might of happened to it. He paced back and forth, but came up with nothing.

When Capa got back to the village everyone started to yell at him and Capa didn’t know why. Capa stood up on a podium so he could see everyone.

"Why are you yelling at me?" yelled Capa. 

"We know you took the light and we want it back!" yelled a woman.

"YEAH!" yelled the village.

"So get out of our village and never come back!" yelled a little kid.

Capa just stood there in shock, but then it came to him. He knew who took it. Taki took it.

"Wait everyone! I know who took it. It was Taki," said Capa.

"Don’t play games with us Capa! He never succeeds in taking the light and you’re the only one who ever goes near it, so it has to be you!" yelled a man.

Capa didn’t know what to say or do, but he didn’t have a chance to say or do anything because they kicked him out of the village right away.

Capa was very sad that he was betrayed by his only friends. As Capa was walking, he figured that if he got “the light” back, they would like him again. So it was set then. Capa would find Taki, get “the light” back, return to the village, and live happily ever after. It didn’t exactly happen that way though.

When Capa got to Taki’s place he saw “the light” on the top of a tree. Right before he was about to climb the tree, he was trapped in a cage. Capa was scared of what might happen.

Then, Taki appeared from the tree and looked straight at Capa.

"I am victorious this time, Capa. I have "the light" and its speaker. There’s no way you can stop me now," said Taki. "Now, talk to it and ask it to rain every other month, or you’ll be having dinner with the alligators tonight."

Capa was nervous, but he didn’t want to die, but as he started to ask “the light,” he heard people yelling and running towards him. It was the village people. They came to save him.

As soon as they arrived, a man stood up and yelled, “We are very sorry Capa. When you were gone, we realized how honest and trustworthy you have been to us and that you would never turn your back on your people. We have come to save you because of that and it wasn’t the same without you.”

Capa didn’t know what to say, but they knew what to do. They went over to Taki and started to tie him up.

"OW! That hurts! Stop that! Capa, you’ll pay for…" but that was all Taki could say because his mouth got covered up.

After they got done with him, they got Capa out of the cage.

"Thanks guys. I don’t know what I’d do without you" said Capa.

Capa and everyone else returned to the village and put the sacred rainstick back in its place and Capa’s wish came true, they all lived happily ever after.

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